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Relocating to the Netherlands

Whether this is your first, third or tenth move, relocating to a new country will always mean many questions. Our Partners provide guidance in various areas ranging from how the banking or taxation systems work in the Netherlands, to what to expect in your first three months or what the rules about pets may be in the Netherlands. Every day living may well differ from your own home, or where you have relocated from. But, seeking guidance from professionals will ease your arrival and settlement in the country.

This section lists Partners who are specialised in financial, taxation, social security, legal and administrative areas.

For over 25 years, ABN AMRO has been the trusted financial partner for expats, diplomats, civil servants and international organisations. We provide products and advice on payments, savings, insurance, credit cards, mortgages, loans and investments.

Check what we can do for you:

  • Worldwide access to your account
  • Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Financial experts in payments, savings, insurances, credit (cards), mortgages, loans and investments
  • Quick and efficient services
  • We speak 15 languages

Why choose ABN AMRO?

  • We speak fluent English. All of the expat advisers are fluent in English.
  • Banking from everywhere – 24/7. With Internet Banking, you can transfer money from anywhere in the world. And our Mobile Banking app is available in English too.
  • Sustainable green banking. We want to make the transition to a more sustainable society. To achieve this, we are increasingly offering sustainable products and services.

Are you planning to move to the Netherlands or are you starting a new job here? Welcome! If you’re feeling unprepared, don’t worry. We have curated several relevant tips for you to get you accustomed to your new surroundings. Please visit our website for all our tips and special brochure for expats.

GMW lawyers is a law firm based in The Hague that has one goal: to achieve the best result for you. Since 1989, we have been helping international and local individuals, companies and organisations to solve their legal problems. Our lawyers can assist you with questions about family law and estate planning, employment and pensions, property and tenancy, liability and company law.

Being specialists in migration and nationality law, our clients are very diverse, ranging from Dutch and foreign individuals to world-class multinationals, and from long-existing family businesses to very young startups. Our clients have one thing in common, though, and that is that they want to cross the borders they encounter. To help every client achieve this is always Mynta Law’s objective. Every client, large or small, can at all times demand exceptional quality and care from us. We always advise independently, in clear terms, and with a deep-rooted knowledge of our expertise. We are resourceful, pro-active and goal-oriented.

TaxSavers is an all-round tax firm for individuals and entrepreneurs. We are happy to help you with all your questions about Dutch taxes.

TaxSavers has been set up to assist clients with filing their Dutch tax returns. Especially in more complex situations, such as after buying/selling a house, migrating, or starting a business. We make the tax return process transparent and provide advice to become well-equipped for filing your tax returns in the future.

Do you need advice about your M-form, annual income tax return, 30% ruling, or freelance (zzp) taxes, or do you have other tax-related questions? Visit our website for more information or give us a call.


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As an internationally oriented notary firm, Westport Notarissen possesses over years of experience in providing expat clients with advice (also in English) on complex legal issues. We possess knowledge relating to Dutch law and practice as well as knowledge concerning international law.

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