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Healthcare in the Netherlands

One of the major differences between countries is healthcare: how the system works, what underpins it, people experiences etc. and we know, as internationals, that there is much to learn about Dutch healthcare. There is added value of learning from those who are professionals in the healthcare sphere and from those who constantly provides advice to expats. With the answers that our Partners provide, they contribute to a better understanding, and experience with the system. Besides, our Partners  and ATN members provide their own service in some healthcare areas and, for example will help you to consider all available options when having a baby, and know what to expect – during the pregnancy, delivery and in post-partum period.

Health centre in The Hague offers the international community a wide range of wellness services in the field of exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and psyche – but most importantly – they do this by working together!

Childbirth courses specially designed for parents-to-be in The Netherlands.

Boezemvriend is the go-to shop for all your needs and desires during pregnancy and baby-time. A “second home” for starting parents, which provides all kinds of services, courses and professional advice on breastfeeding, carriers and the latest trends on baby products. The place-to-be ‘mama-cafe’ for newborns!

We are proud to offer our international clients a wide-range of medical services under one roof. You have the option of scheduling an appointment with a specialist at our polyclinic, enroll with a general practitioner at our family practice or sign up for one of our services at our dental clinic. Our in-house pharmacy offers additional convenience. We can accommodate most appointments on a short notice and all of our staff members speak English. If your focus is on prevention, we have a team of doctors specializing in health checks as well as dietary advice and allergy medicine. Please refer to our website for our full array of services. General Appointment Line: (070) 306 5111

Lelia has found her mission as person and trainer in the Breathworks approach and in the recently developed Mindfulness Self-Compassion, MSC program to specific target groups – from individuals to teen age students, sports teams and corporate clients,

LoonZorg is specialist in custom made expat health insurances. LoonZorg offers the best priced mandatory Basic Health Insurance without excess or deductibles called ‘Eigen Risico’.

By working with me, you will begin to understand how you think, how you feel, and how you make sense of everyday life in the world around you.