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The post office

The Dutch Post Office used to be an office where you could obtain all postal products and services and some services not related to mail. These Post offices do not exist anymore and have been replaced by smaller Post shops, located in other shops, such as bookstores, tobacco shops and supermarkets. These Post shops are still called Post office and offer all products and services from PostNL and sometimes a few other services as well.

For locating a Post Office, please refer to the website of PostNL.

Select your choice of:

Brievenbus = Post box

Postzegel verkooppunt = Postage stamp selling point

Postkantoor of Businesspoint = Post office or Businesspoint

Then fill in your postcode when you see the following Dutch prompt:

In de buurt van deze postcode

The post office locater still works without filling in the other fields but for reference, the meanings are:

Postzaken = Use this one for packets and registered post.

Zakelijke diensten = Use this one for business services – mailing, mailboxes.

Andere diensten = Vehicle registration, envelopes, packets, mobile vouchers, postpaid mail, present vouchers fishing licenses and OV chipcard top-ups.

Happy posting!