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Childcare in the Netherlands

What kinds of childcare are available in the Netherlands?

How much does day care cost and can I get help with its cost?

I am in need of a nanny/babysitter/childminder/au pair for my children. Can you suggest some options for me?

How much does baby-sitting cost in the Netherlands?

Self-employed childminders who provide their services from their own home normally charge around €5 per child per hour. If they agree to work at the house of the parent, the fee charged usually varies between €8 and €12 per hour irrespective of the number of children to be cared for. Fees are also dependent on age, experience of the child minder and geographic region. You may find some students from senior schools offering babysitting services at a lower cost. Other rates will apply should you decide to employ a baby sitter on a permanent basis in your home. If housekeeping duties are also required, you may also be expected to pay extra.