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Deregistration from the Netherlands

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What if I only intend to live abroad for part of the year?

If you intend to live abroad for more than eight month, i.e.: have a second residence outside of the Netherlands, you are required to report your move abroad to the municipality. Please note that this eight-month period does not need to be continuous. The move needs to be reported on the day of departure or a maximum of five days prior to the move. You will then be deregistered from your address in the municipality.

When reporting your intended move to the municipality, you will be required to state your new residential address abroad. If at the time of this notification, you do not have a fixed address abroad, you will be obliged to specify where you will be staying (e.g. the address of a hotel, family member or friend). The report will be processed on the same day you report your move. This information may vary depending on your nationality and marital status.

For confirmation concerning your situation, we suggest you to call the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst – IND) office.  Please note that for Dutch citizens the period is six months (foreign residents).