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What are the types of housing in the Netherlands?

There are five main types of dwellings in the Netherlands:

  • Vrijstaand (detached)
  • Twee onder een kap (semi-detached)
  • Rijtjeshuis (terraced /town house)
  • Appartement (apartment)
  • Woonboot ( houseboat)

The most common type of dwelling is the rijtjeshuis. This is a family home, two or three stories high, with a front and back garden, adjoined by two, three or more identical homes.

A standard Dutch house has two rooms in addition to the kitchen, living room, toilet and bathroom. Most Dutch people live in urban areas, yet the limitation of space is putting pressure on rural areas too. Many city dwellers would love to live amidst the water and the greenery of the countryside. Since space is limited in the Netherlands, many people live in low- or high-rise flats.