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How can I find a student room?

Renting a student room is difficult. All student towns share the difficulty of finding accommodation at a reasonable price, especially in cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague. Help should be available from the university that you are studying at; they often have dedicated departments to help students find a suitable accommodation. They may even have a department which helps foreign students. Your university is a good place to start your search. If your university cannot help you, see below other suggestions:

  • Contact the municipality for information about low-priced rooms
  • Look for non-commercial agencies for students. Consider renting an anti-kraak (anti-squatter house). An anti-squatter house is a way of using an empty apartment or house in order to avoid squatters taking possession of it. A small group of people live in the house temporarily for a low rent and with little legal protection
  • Check websites such as or join facebook groups by keyword + location (e.g. search for ‘rental student rooms Amsterdam’ or ‘rent a room in Utrecht’)
  • Check out if there is a room available at the Student Hotel in your city of residence

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