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Buying a house in the Netherlands

What factors should I take into account before buying a house or apartment?

What other costs should I consider before buying a house in Netherlands?

What costs are involved in buying a house or apartment?

It pays to visit a bank or mortgage broker for free advice before you start considering buying property to get an idea of the total costs involved. In general, about 10% of the purchase price will be needed on top to pay for various taxes and fees:

  • Hypotheekkosten (mortgage fee): around 1%
  • Taxatierapporten (valuation/appraisal costs): if a mortgage is needed. Costs between 300-1,000 euros
  • Makelaarkosten (real estate agent fees): not always involved but if it applies, costs vary between 1-2 percent of the price of the property
  • Notariskosten: the notaris (notary) is needed to register the sale and the mortgage. It is usually between 1,000-3,000 euros

Note that the deposit on the property is 10% of the purchase price, paid six weeks after the purchase agreement has been signed. This may be replaced by a bank guarantee issued by a Dutch bank.

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