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Dutch health insurance

What is included in the basic Dutch health insurance package?

Are there different health insurance policies? And what is the difference?

Is dental healthcare covered by the insurance?

Can I get additional coverage for my health insurance?

Not all health care is covered by the basic health insurance. You can opt for a aanvullende verzekering (additional health insurance) to cover physiotherapy, glasses, contact lenses, tandarts (dentist) or other services. Some insurances may also cover alternative medicine such as homeopathy and acupuncture. The coverage and premium differ per insurance company. On  the website zorgverzekeringslijn  you can find an explanation of the Dutch health insurance system in English and several other languages.

Additional health insurance is not obligatory and you are not obliged to take out the basic health insurance and additional health insurance with the same insurance company. However, insurance companies sometimes charge extra administration costs if you want to take out an additional insurance without the basic insurance. Please note that health insurance companies are not obliged to accept everyone who applies for additional health insurance. An insurance company can refuse to accept you as a client or can ask you about your health before accepting you.

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