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Giving birth

Which are the options for delivering a baby in the Netherlands?

What will happen if I choose to give birth at home?

Can I choose to give birth in a hospital?

Most hospitals organise information evenings, including a tour of the maternity unit, which may help you make a decision. Always have a second hospital in mind in case the hospital of your choice is full.

Women usually return home within 24 hours of delivery and may be free to leave in as little as four hours after delivery. You will only be discharged once you feel confident and comfortable that you are ready to go home. A stay of less than 24 hours is considered outpatient clinic.

Sometimes giving birth does not go according to plan, e.g. your baby could be overdue and you have to be induced, or you might need a caesarean section. In that case, a gynaecologist will provide assistance. A hospital stay could vary from 24 hours to 10 days, depending on possible interventions during birth and/or necessary postnatal care.

You can contact hospitals in your area to enquire if they provide information evenings for internationals.

Will I be able to get pain relief?

Are the costs for giving birth covered by my Dutch health insurance?