Mental health in the Netherlands

Where can I find help for mental health problems?

Can I get mental health treatments reimbursed?

If you need psychological help, the costs are covered by your basic insurance.  Keep in mind that if your basic insurance is of natura (in kind) policy, you will only be covered if you go to a psychologist who is contracted by your insurance.  It is suggested to contact your insurance company to find out which psychologists are contracted.

In certain cases, you may have to pay your eigen risico (deductible) first.

Sometimes the health care professional at the GP’s practice can help you. This counts as a treatment from the GP and is exempted from your eigen risico.

You get only reimbursed if your mental health provider is recognised in the Netherlands. This means he/she needs to have a so-called BIG (Beroepen in de Gezondheidszorg , Professions in Healthcare) registration.
If you don’t get reimbursed because your mental health provider is not BIG registered, you may be able to deduct the costs from your taxes (depending on your income). Please check with your tax advisor if you qualify for this.

Please note that some treatments are not covered such as:

  • Treatment for problems related to work, school or relationship
  • Intelligence tests
  • Treatment for dyslexia
  • Coaching, training, courses
  • Educational assessments
  • Treatment for obesity and eating disorders
  • Physical examination for e.g. driving license, sports