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Healthcare in the Netherlands

One of the major differences between countries is healthcare: how the system works, what underpins it, peoples experiences etc. It is no different with healthcare and health services or health insurance in the Netherlands. While it scores well internationally, each persons’ individual perception, and experience with healthcare will vary depending on what they know and how they manage their own expectations. With the answers we provide, to the more frequently asked questions about healthcare, we hope to contribute to a better understanding, and experience with the system. Two key cornerstones are good to know: every resident of the Netherlands must have health insurance – and for those coming to live in the Netherlands there is a four month grace period for choosing your healthcare insurance. During the time, as of the date of registering in the Netherlands, you are essentially covered – but will be back charged from the moment you formally registered to live here. Second: the role of the huisarts (family doctor, general practitioner) is paramount. They serve as a ‘gatekeeper’ to the system, and we highly recommend finding one, before you need one.

We are indebted to, and appreciative of the efforts of many volunteers – past and present – who work on researching the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about relocating to and living in Holland/the Netherlands; and our partners who double check our research. For the most recent review/update of FAQs related to Healthcare we thank: ACCESS Volunteers – Alba Gonzalez and Genoveva Geppaart, and ACCESS Partners – Loonzorg B.V., and Child Birth Class Gale.