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Learning Dutch for civic integration

What is the inburgeringsexamen and who has to take it?

What are the different types of civic integration exams?

What skills will I be tested on during the integration examination?

There are four categories for the exams, broken into six individual exams. You do not have to do all six exams on the same day. It can be less stressfull and give you more confidence if you space the exams over a period of days/weeks. If you pass all exams, you will receive the integration diploma.

You will have to do a participation statement before taking the integration exams. This is a small course in which you will become acquainted with the rights, obligations and the fundamental values of Dutch society. Before you start your exams, you will receive an email from DUO identifying a person at the gemeente (municipality) to help with your participation statement. The course concludes with participants signing a declaration of participation declaring that they have been informed of, and will respect, the values and basic rules of Dutch society. Should you refuse to sign it, you will receive a penalty . If you have further questions or if you do not get assigned a person we suggest you to contact your gemeente.

Once you have signed your participation statement, you can take the integration exams. These are:

Examination 1 – Reading, listening and speaking skills

These are three individual exams, which are booked separately.

  • Reading the Dutch Language – You are required to read short passages of text and answer questions about each passage. The exam takes 50 minutes
  • Listening and understanding the Dutch Language – You are asked questions about videos that you are shown on the computer and you listen to spoken text. The exam takes 45 minutes
  • Speaking Dutch – In the exam, you are asked to view videos on a computer and provide verbal answers to questions. The exam takes 35 minutes

Examination 2 – Writing skills

In this exam, you must write your answers on paper. The aim of the exam is to demonstrate that you are able to write in Dutch. You will be asked to write some short letters and fill in a form. The exam takes 35 minutes

Examination 3 – Kennis Nederlandse Maatschappij (knowledge of Dutch society)

You will be asked questions about the Netherlands. For example, about finding work or renting a house or about schools in the Netherlands.
During the examination you are shown some short videos on the computer. Each video will show a typical situation in the Netherlands. After each video, you are required to answer multiple-choice questions. The exam takes 45 minutes.

Examination 4 – Oriëntatie nederlandse arbeidsmarkt (orientation on the Dutch labour market)

It is about working and looking for work in the Netherlands. You are required to undertake various assignments at home or at school. After each assignment you must send a results card back to DUO. From the results cards, DUO will assess whether you completed your assignments to the required standard. You will then be asked to have an oral examination with a person from DUO in which you will be asked questions to test your understanding of the Dutch labour market. This exam will take about 40 minutes. There is no practice exam available for this final exam.

You can find more information about the integration examination on the website of the government.

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