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Finding a job in the Netherlands

I will be relocating to the Netherlands or I am new to the Netherlands and have yet to find work. I don’t speak Dutch and would be happy to receive any advice from you with regards to employment possibilities and opportunities in the Netherlands.

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What kind of CV and cover letter is customary to support job applications in the Netherlands?

It is important that your CV is clear, comprehensive and written on one page or two pages maximum, as it will give a valuable first impression of you, your skills and the experience that you have to offer. Companies are flooded with CVs and scan through the CVs, so make sure your CV markets you in the best possible light.

In the Netherlands, a cover letter accompanying an application is often known as a motivation letter. Its purpose is to introduce yourself to the company, clarify why you are interested in the role and the organisation, and how your skills and experience would benefit their organisation. A motivation letter usually has the following structure:

  • Your reason for applying
  • Explanation why you believe that you are the right candidate for the job and what attracts you to the company
  • Concluding sentence stating that you look forward to meeting them to explain in detail what you have outlined in the letter

Tailoring your motivation letter as well as the CV to the role you’re applying for will increase your chances of success. Don’t forget, in the Netherlands a catchy application/motivation letter, both content and design wise, is sometimes more important than impressive grades.


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