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Prerequsites for starting a business

As a foreigner, am I entitled to start a business in the Netherlands?

Can I renew a residence permit for entrepreneurs?

What are the general residence requirements for entrepreneurs?

To qualify for a two-year residence permit as a self-employed entrepreneur, the business should serve an essential Dutch interest.

That is assessed by the IND upon advice of The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), a part of Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, which uses a point-based-system to grade the enterprise in three categories:

  • personal experience
  • business plan
  • added value to The Netherlands

Each of these criteria is allotted points. With 90 points out of a possible 300, the applicant is eligible for a residence permit.

There are exemptions according to your nationality:

Long-term EU resident EC

In a number of EU Member States it is possible to obtain long-term resident EC status, a European type of permanent residence permit.

With that status you do not need to score points under the point-based system when applying for a residence permit for entrepreneurs. You do need to present evidence that your enterprise has a viable chance of success in the Netherlands, by providing:

  • a business plan including: market analysis, product/service, pricing, structure of organization, financing
  • proof of expected turnover: prognosis made by a registered bookkeeper/accountant over the next 3 years
  • the necessary licenses to practice your profession
  • copies of degrees/diplomas if applicable
  • copy of the long-term resident EC permit issued by another EU Member State

The list of EU states that grant resident EC status can be found here:

Citizens of the US and Japan

They are exempt from the criteria and point system, based on inter-state treaties. They must develop and direct an enterprise in which they have made (not borrowed) an investment of at least 4.500 euros. They also need to have full control of the funds and be subject to the entrepreneurial risk.

Nationals of Turkey

Are exempt from the point system, based on a treaty with the EU. They do, however, need to submit information and evidence required by the prescribed criteria.

In order to avoid initial rejection it is necessary to be well informed and fully understand the set criteria when applying for this type of residence permit.

Further details on how the Dutch government determines whether you are an entrepreneur can be found at: