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Dutch legal business structures

What issues should I consider in order to set up and develop a business?

What are the fundamental requirements that I will need to comply with in starting a business?

How can I choose the legal form or business structure for my company?

Are there any entities that can give support for starting a business?

There are many forms of support in The Netherlands for starters in business – from official state organs and bodies, public and private institutions and organisations to various business networks.

For accurate and up to date information we suggest to first contact the proper governmental authorities and the Chamber of Commerce. They provide information and counsel on all aspects of setting up a business.  You can also always go to the business desk in the town hall of the larger Dutch cities.

The most relevant basic information can be found on their websites:

The Chamber of Commerce (KvK) has an English language section on its website which provides comprehensive information about setting up and developing a business in the Netherlands. You can also take advantage of the KvK’s Advice Team to speak with a free advisor.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) helps start-ups with grants, finding business partners, know-how and compliance with laws and regulations.

The Startup Officers Network comprises officers who work for ministries, large municipalities, provinces and other government organisations and who serve as points of access for start-ups who want to cooperate with the government.

For information on the Dutch government supports for innovating and ambitious businesses see:


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