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Outdoor Life and Career Coach

Outdoor Life and Career Coach

Bram is a Life and Career coach who works with his clients in the nature around his converted farmhouse near Bodegraven in the Green Heart of the Netherlands. His quiet place in the typical Dutch countryside is only a short distance away from Den Haag, Utrecht, Leiden and Rotterdam.

With his empathetic and supportive approach, he encourages you discover your unique values, to shape your life and career, staying true to yourself.

An outdoor coaching session with Bram, often evolves around questions like:

  • Do you have to make an important choice, but you don’t know what or how?
  • Do you feel lonely and not welcomed by others in the community or this country?
  • Do you want to feel part of a larger community?
  • Do you feel a heavy burden of responsibility in the Netherlands or abroad?
  • Is your life a rat race without a meaningful purpose?

Coaching sessions typically last 1.5 hours, with slowing down being an important part to allow your intuition to emerge. From this calmness, it becomes easier to take small and big steps with confidence in yourself. As a result, you will experience less stress and more freedom. If you experience inner unrest, doubt, or sometimes don’t quite understand why you keep reverting to old habits, then he helps you gain insight into possible causes in a playful and safe manner.

After his 30-year international life and career as leader and coach in a multi-national company, Bram chose to leave his day job in 2020 and to get trained as a professional coach. Nature helps him to relax and slow down. And the people close to him inspire and encourage him to grow and move forward.

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Bram is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.