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Lysanne Sizoo

Lysanne Sizoo practice location: Nederhorst den Berg (The Riverside Practice), Amsterdam and Hilversum (Coachhuis)

Nationality: Dutch/English

Languages skills: Fluent English, Swedish, Dutch


  • Dutch health insurance under complementary packages ‘psychosocial therapie
  • BUPA and Cigna on a case by case basis



ACCESS start date: February 2021


  • Registered with Dutch Healthcare Federation NFG and the RBCZ
  • MA Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, University of East London, 2008 (Nuffic equivalence Master Psychologie)
  • Psychosynthesis Diploma in Counselling, PsA 2004
  • Diploma in groupwork, PsA 2002
  • Counselling Diploma, Central School of Counselling and Therapy, 1997

Practice Description

Almost 25 years of helping people find their way again

“Everyone loses their way. And although global nomads are great at navigating the world around them, they can get truly lost in their inner world. Whether your foreign adventure was initiated by you, your parents, or a partner, the ordinary ups and downs of life are framed differently for an international adventurer such as you.

Loss, illness, and relational challenges receive an added layer of pain, especially when you get hooked into the trap of ‘positive stinking’ to make this foreign adventure work. Slowly but surely your outer compass becomes skewed. My active listening skills help you to discover why and when you stopped plotting your own true course.

It’s my job to show you that the inner adventure supports the outer. As a fellow globetrotter and international counsellor, it’s been my privilege to help clients reconnect with their inner compass all over the globe. To help them to optimize their foreign experience and meet their new world with far greater confidence and resilience. No matter what life brings, you can have the resilience and the confidence to navigate by your own inner compass, curious instead of afraid about where it might take you.”

You can learn more about Lysanne Sizoo by visiting her website:

Lysanne is part of our Counsellors on Call team.