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Language and Comm. Consultant

Language and Communication Consultant

Ute Limacher-Riebold PhD is a Multilingual Language Consultant and Intercultural Communication Expert at Ute’s International Lounge and offers self-paced online courses at her Academy.

With a focus on multilingualism, language acquisition and intercultural communication, I support internationals and multilingual families find the most suitable strategies to maintain their home languages whilst acquiring and learning others during their international journey, and foster effective communication across cultures. In my consultations, trainings, webinars and online courses (at my Academy), I bridge between research and practice, and offer tailored advice and practical solutions to internationals and parents who raise their children with multiple languages and cultures abroad in the most effective way.

As “a goal without a plan is just a wish” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), my personalized SMART Family Language Plan© helps multilingual families find strategies and resources to maintain their home languages and cultures, whilst learning additional ones. I support them define realistic and achievable short and longterm language goals, and maintain a healthy sense of belonging to their cultures (values, beliefs, traditions etc.) during their life “abroad”.

“Effective communication requires mutual understanding and the readiness to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps in a constructive way.”

I co-authored The Toolbox for Multilingual Families and How to raise a bilingual child (available in several languages), and I share educational and practical videos on the topics of raising children with multiple languages, being multilingual across the lifespan, intercultural communication and international life on my youtube channel Ute’s International Lounge. I organize monthly interviews with experts in the field of raising children with multiple languages at Raising Multilinguals LIVE, and share tips about activities and games for multilingual families at Activities for Multilingual Families.


I offer all my services in Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano and Nederlands.

You can learn more about Ute by visiting her website:


Ute is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.