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Interpersonal Comm. Coach

Interpersonal Communication Trainer/Coach

Shoko Dauwels is a dedicated trainer and coach specialising in interpersonal communication within diverse environments. She empowers individuals to build a solid foundation for communication while actively promoting DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) principles in group and organisational contexts.

Living and working in a diverse environment offers new and sometimes challenging experiences due to cultural, language, and values differences. Polishing your communication skills and acquiring supporting knowledge can help us feel more comfortable with these differences and foster an appreciation for them. Eventually, we can boost confidence in effectively navigating your work and professional aspects of daily life.

She holds a PhD in Knowledge Science and studied effective aids for adult learners to transfer professional education/training into real-world practice. Since then, she has been actively catalysing her clients to the next stage of their lives through training and coaching.

Her training often adopts behavioural style assessments such as DiSC© and Social Style analysis to help participants obtain an overview of differences and similarities between their own and others’ preferred communication styles. Based on the adult learning framework, she facilitates self-reflection and dialogues with original exercises ranging from quiz to scenario-based roleplay. She is passionate about customising training and coaching programmes for each client to maximise their learning outcome.

Originally from Japan, she has studied and worked in five countries over the last twenty years. After an academic career in Japan, Switzerland, the USA, and Singapore, she transitioned to the training industry. Since 2023, she has served as an educational adviser for training programs on research skills at TU Delft Library. Concurrently, she co-founded Dauwels & Co. BV. with her husband, which specialises in providing organisations with solutions and training in AI and interpersonal communication.

She speaks Japanese and English fluently and has been working hard to improve her Dutch (and a bit of German). She finds joy in comedy and humour, aiming for a daily dose of belly laughs.

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Shoko is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.