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Clarity & Mindshift Coach

Clarity & Mindshift Coach

Welcome to my space at Life Balanz Coaching by Riquina Rodrigues!

Your excitement of embarking on a new adventure, a fresh chapter in your life, in a land of windmills, canals, and vibrant cultural mosaic was and is huge.

The Netherlands beckoned with new beginnings and opportunities with endless horizons, just as it did for me when I arrived in 2018.

Behind the pictured landscapes and welcoming smiles lies a journey that is not always straightforward. Moving to a new country, even one as captivating as the Netherlands can bring a whirlwind of emotions and challenges that often go unspoken.

You feel a profound sense of disorientation, grappling with cultural differences that sometimes leave you feeling like a stranger in your own life.

Embracing your newfound independence and longing for the familiar can lead to moments of self-doubts and isolation. Clarity, confidence, and a healthy mindset sometimes seem just out of reach, leaving you questioning your abilities and value.

I can feel you, as I walked this path myself and you are not alone in this journey.

If you:

  • Are an Expat or international and navigating the intricate tapestry of life in the Netherlands?
  • Want to build a life you fantasized about when you moved to the Netherlands?
  • Want to gain clarity, confidence, and a resilient mindset to thrive in this new chapter of your journey?

I am here to guide expats and internationals like you on a transformative path toward personal and professional growth. I am passionate about being a thinking partner, building bridges, and drilling deep.

  • We will address these challenges head-on.
  • We will work to unlock your true potential.
  • We will enable you to step confidently into each new day and experience
  • You will discover your inner strength
  • You will embrace new opportunities
  • you will thrive in your life – as an expat in the Netherlands too.

About myself:

I am Riquina Rodrigues, a certified Clarity, Confidence, and Mindset Coach. I have guided dozens of clients to a healthy mindset and happy life. Your journey to clarity, confidence, and a resilient mindset starts here.

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The Hague area AND online.

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Riquina is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.