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Childbirth Course The Hague

Childbirth Course The Hague

ACCESS Childbirth Course in The Hague is taught by Meida van Baal. Meida has been raised and educated in California. After earning her Bachelor of Nursing degree, she moved to the Netherlands with her husband and intensively learned Dutch. She started working as a float nurse at various academic hospitals in Amsterdam. Labor and delivery was always her interest, so when she was accepted to work on an Obstetric and Gynecology ward in Amstelveen, she was thrilled. Her husband’s job took her unexpectedly abroad for many years, and it wasn’t until they returned to the Netherlands that she picked up her career again. She did not return to clinical nursing, because she saw a need in helping internationals adjust to being pregnant and having a baby in the Netherlands. She has worked for two years with a maternity organization before expanding her doula business to include kraamzorg services. She is presently the owner of Mitera & Co., which serves expectant families in The Hague and its surrounding areas, providing new families the one-on-one emotional and physical support during pregnancy, birth and the week after.


Certified Doula, Maternity Nurse and Childbirth Educator

You can learn more about Meida by visiting her website: