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Career Clarity Coach

Career Clarity Coach 

Marie Dewulf is a Career Clarity Coach (CoachCoach2MoveOn).

“Using a proven framework I developed over 18 years, I help:

  • perfectionists & pleasers who feel exhausted, stressed and stuck at work
  • expats who feel lost, insecure and want to get their career back on track
  • professionals who are frustrated, bored or unmotivated get clear on what’s next

Belgian by birth, a curious global nomad at heart, and a career coach by choice. I started my company in 2005 after having personally experienced several career changes myself due to numerous moves abroad. I combine my analytic-reflective approach from my master’s degree in Art history & Archaeology, with the skills acquired in my several coaching accreditations.

I work with men and women from all over the world.  Some of my clients have worked for global corporations and institutions.

I will:

  • Listen respectfully and pay attention without being judgemental
  • Ask insightful questions that will help you gain clarity, these may sometimes be very straightforward
  • Be honest about what I am hearing
  • Challenge you to change your habits and broaden your perspective
  • Support you to face and overcome obstacles and self-limitations
  • Guide you towards more fulfilment and joy
  • Motivate you to make positive sustained changes in your life and try new things
  • Empower you to access your full potential
  • Help you grow your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Encourage you unconditionally and celebrate your achievements
  • Keep our appointments, commitments and make it fun to work together”


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Marie is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.