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Baby Handling Course

Baby Handling Course

Tina Naglic is a passionate and experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapist with over 15 years of experience in the field of neurological and motor development and disorders in babies and young children.

After graduating in 2007 she completed her specialisation in neurodevelopmental treatment in 2009 (Paediatric Bobath) and in 2023 (Baby Bobath). She has mainly worked with babies with neurological disorders and has given practical advice to their parents.

In 2015 she moved to the Netherlands and started working at rehabilitation centre in the paediatric department. There she completed a Sensory Integration specialisation for children in 2019.

Tina’s passion for working with babies became even stronger after she became a mother to her son in 2019 and her daughter in 2021.

During her work she has seen many children with problems connected to passive sitting and fine motor skills. These problems manifest in daily tasks and school activities such as writing, drawing and cutting with scissors. Such problems are likely to arise because children don’t get enough motor and sensory experiences in the first year of life. She has also noticed that children don’t spend enough time on the floor and in activities that can help develop their gross motor skills and their fine motor skills. Many parents unintentionally often overwhelm their children with too many different toys, which leads to a lack of motivation, and they buy accessories that hinder their child’s development. Furthermore, she has recognized that many parents in the Netherlands would like to get more information during their pregnancy about the first months with their baby. To address these, she made a pivotal decision in 2023 to start her own company BABY ON TRACK to make life easier for new parents by providing guidance, practical tips and advice.

Through personalised courses to parents and child needs, Tina guides parents on how to help their child develop right movement patterns using the Baby Handling technique. She also recommends the best equipment and toys for their baby’s first few months and give expert advice on what to look for when buying. Tina’s main aim is to help parents become confident and relaxed to give their child the best possible start in life.


Slovenian, English, Dutch and Serbo-Croatian.

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Tina is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.