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How to advertise

In order to be able to produce the ACCESS Magazine, we rely on the support of advertisers. The ACCESS magazine is a free publication, distributed through and available from all the expat centres in the Netherlands as well as international schools throughout the Netherlands. It is often given to new arrivals, and picked up by regular readers. It is also available on-line here. Content advertorials are not only published in the print magazine, but are also added to our website as independent articles.

For our rates, packages and advertising opportunities kindly contact our Public Relations Department for attractive offers.

Helping us, help others

Not only do advertisers allow us to produce our magazine, but in so doing they allow us to provide a platform for many. Our contributors, writers, researchers, illustrators and photographers are often internationals working to establish a professional presence and network in the Netherlands. Our publication allows them do this – for which we are of course, immensely grateful.