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Tax in the Netherlands

Can you give me an overview of the Dutch tax system?

What taxes will I have to pay in the Netherlands?

What types of indirect taxes are there in the Netherlands?

What dates does the tax year cover in the Netherlands and when do I need to provide a tax return?

How can I get help with my tax return?

How do I know if I must pay income tax?

How do I submit my tax return?

Can I claim any tax benefits against my declared income?

Do I need to file my tax return even if I stay for short time?

As a general rule you must file your tax return if you receive an invitation from the Belastingdienst (Tax authorities). Therefore, it is not obligatory if you have been registered in the Netherlands only part of the fiscal year (1 January to 31 December inclusive).

The most common form to use is the ‘M form’ for those who arrived in the Netherlands and became a resident during the year. This cannot be filed in electronically with your DigiD. Therefore, if you did not receive an invitation but you still want to file your tax return, you will have to request to the Tax authorities to post it to you. More general information on the Dutch income tax system for non-residents is available on The non-residential information pages are provided in both English and German.

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