Netherlands death registration

What are the legal aspects to take into account when registering a death in the Netherlands?

Which documents are needed for registering a death?

What to do in order to repatriate the body of a family member?

Do I need to make a Dutch will whilst I live here or is the will I made in my home country valid?

May I disinherit my child or my partner in my will?

You can disinherit your child but, in the Netherlands, he/she is always entitled to a legitieme portie (forced share) amounting to half of the portion the child would have received in the absence of a will.

You can also disinherit your spouse and he/she is not entitled to a forced share. However, to alleviate the consequences of disinheritance, the law gives the longest living partner the right to a suitable level of provision; for example, a spouse may make use of the house as long as he/she is living.

You can also make a vruchtgebruiktestament (usufruct will): your spouse will receive the use and enjoyment of certain goods without owning them.

Which law of inheritance is valid if my partner or I should die during our stay in the Netherlands? The Dutch law or the law of my home country?

In the absence of a will, who inherits under the Dutch inheritance law?

Who would take care of the children if something were to happen to both parents?

Do you have a partner but is he/she not officially registered as partner?