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Transportation Netherlands

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It seems that everybody is biking in the Netherlands. Where can I buy a bike for myself?

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Are there any special traffic rules for cyclists?

The following laws apply specifically for cyclists:

  • Cycling is not allowed on sidewalks or pedestrian-only areas
  • Use hand signals when preparing to make a left or right turn. Simply put your arm out in the direction you want to turn
  • It is allowed to ride alongside another bicyclist, but cycling with three people in a row is not permitted
  • Bicyclists share the bike paths with snorfietsen or broomfietsen (mopeds). Be prepared for them by cycling on the right side of the bike path so that they can pass you
  • Cycling is not allowed on highways
  • Tunnels may or may not be accessible for cycling. If they are, there is usually a separate bike path
  • Bicycle lights are mandatory, white or yellow in the front and red in the rear. You can get a fine when cycling without lights in the dark, at dusk or in poor visibility

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