Welcome to Näpp: Where Cultural Connection Meets Exceptional Childcare

Näpp exists to see happy international children who feel connected to their native culture, no matter where they live. We connect international babysitters with international families through our easy to use all-in-one platform. Näpp provides a safe, positive, and reassuring community for families living abroad, knowing that their kids are in the hands of an experienced Näppsitter who understands them at a cultural and lingual level.

Näpp also collaborates with companies across the Netherlands in the following ways:

1. Tailored Solutions for Innovative Brands:

For forward-thinking companies, we co-create a Tailored Employee Benefit program that goes beyond conventional offerings. It’s not just about striking a balance between professional and family responsibilities – it’s about creating a harmonious synergy. Näpp enables innovative brands to showcase their deep understanding and genuine appreciation for their employees’ diverse lives.

2. Curated Support for Relocation Companies and Beyond:

Relocation Companies, Recruitment & Mobility firms – we’ve got you covered. Our Curated Packages are carefully designed to enhance the experience of families moving to the Netherlands with children. Näpp simplifies the complexities of relocation, ensuring a smooth transition for your clients, with a special focus on the well-being and happiness of their little ones.

3. Enriching Education Through After-School Programs:

For International Schools aiming to broaden their horizons, Näpp allows the extension of services through engaging After-school Programs. We bring diversity to the services you offer, enriching the lives of your student population.

Our community of Näppsitters are experienced babysitters, most of whom are first-aid certified and often have tutoring, coaching or summer camp experience. Every Näppsitter is interviewed one on one, where we discuss their experience, motivation and have references readily available to share with the families, when requested. Above all else, they have a strong desire to create safe and special experiences while spending time with the children under their care. Join our community today, we look forward to meeting you!

You can learn more about Näpp by visiting their website and social media:

Website:  https://napp.community/



For questions about a collaboration or need a specific package designed for your family, contact our Näpp Founders during normal business hours Monday to Friday:
Loviisa + 31 62 3317667 or Melanie + 31 65 0741177 (Phone or WhatsApp)

General Inquirieshello@napp.community

Company Inquiries: loviisa@napp.community or melanie@napp.community

Operations & Family/Näppsitter Platform Support: melanie@napp.community

Thanks to the support of our Partners and their belief in our Mission & Vision we are able to serve the international community in the Netherlands.  You can read about how to become an ACCESS Partner here.