ESN The Hague

Erasmus Student Network The Hague (ESN The Hague) is a section of the biggest and oldest student networks in Europe: Erasmus Student Network (ESN), which is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe that aims to support and develop student exchange.  

In October 16, 1989, the first section of the ESN was founded in Utrecht, the Netherlands. By 1994, there were 60 sections across 14 countries which later turned into 280 sections across 32 European countries and an official seat in Brussels. All in the name of ‘students helping students,’ ESN is the key volunteer student organization in international higher education in Europe, establishing the building blocks for cultural understanding and exchange, openness, and cooperation. Thus, enriching society through international students.

ESN The Hague was founded in the Spring of 2017 when it became independent from its mother section:  The International Student Network Leiden (ISN Leiden). ”Creating international friendships on a local level” is their most important goal. 

You can learn more about Erasmus Student Network by visiting their website and social media:





Thanks to the support of our Partners and their belief in our Mission & Vision we are able to serve the international community in the Netherlands.  You can read about how to become an ACCESS Partner here.