De Boezemvriend

De Boezemvriend is the go-to shop for all your needs and desires during pregnancy and baby-time. A “second home” for starting parents which provides all kinds of services, courses, and the latest trends on baby products.

Breastfeeding consultancy
De Boezemvriend is a lactation consultancy practice where you can ask all your questions about breastfeeding. You can follow courses, buy, or rent breast pumps as well. Their staff is happy to share their knowledge with you before and during your breastfeeding period to make this experience as pleasant as possible. The Breastfeeding Centre provides home and practice consultations or remote assistance via video consultations.

Their store
Here you can find all types of baby related stuff. From clothes, blankets, car seats, baby carriers to maternity wear and breastfeeding essentials. They provide extensive advice on maternity and nursing lingerie. An expert will give you the best advice to support your body during your pregnancy and/or feeding period.

Their cafe
Their café is super nice with a relaxing atmosphere and most importantly child proof.

You can learn more about De Boezemvriend by visiting their website:


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