Broadcast Amsterdam

Broadcast Amsterdam is an independent, non-profit English language media producer providing accessible English language information and lifestyle content for all of Amsterdam. With a diverse mix of volunteers and professionals, they have been sharing stories and music for Amsterdam since 2014.

In March 2018 they started an independent, streaming radio station for Amsterdam, in English. Since then, they have been broadcasting to thousands of listeners per month. They have live radio shows most days and a range of podcasts (regular talk-only podcasts with highlights from their shows, micro-podcasts), local news (including selected headlines), interviews (local stories and chats), great music, live shows, and on-demand content on a range of Amsterdam themes. It is a place you can happily turn to at any time in the day to listen live to the latest city buzz on their online radio station, or on-demand whenever you like.

You can learn more about Broadcast Amsterdam by visiting their website and social media:




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