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Current – Autumn 2019

A new beginning


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Dear ACCESS readers,

As internationals, the majority of us most likely initially arrived in the Netherlands because of work. Perhaps we were transferred here, or got offered the job-of-a-lifetime, or moved because our partner was making the career-based relocation. Personally, I arrived on a sunny summer afternoon for a freelance, month-long project. Over twenty years later I’m still here.

In this issue, Veena Joseph looks at the possibilities and challenges faced by accompanying partners pursuing their own careers after relocation. Giulia Quaresima spoke to career coaches and recruiters about their techniques and tips for internationals looking for a new job, or new career, in the Netherlands. In a country with almost total employment, the international jobseeker finds themselves in a strong position whilst also needing to be flexible in their outlook.

Lorne Holyoak’s experience as an anthropologist gives him interesting insights into Dutch business culture. He discovered that lazy stereotypes are, of course, unfounded and business here is a reflection of the country as a whole–outward-looking, honest, straight-talking and professional. In this issue we also look at the processes involved in checking that any academic or professional qualifications or certifications achieved outside the Netherlands are valid here. Unsurprisingly, there are Dutch organisations specifically created for that purpose.

Elsewhere, Anuja Tipnis-Randive carefully looks at what we can do to prevent stress and burnout, reminding that ACCESS has a network of counsellors and coaches who are there to give advice to anyone feeling overwhelmed.

As summer turns to autumn and the days get cooler, it’s the perfect time to get out into the countryside, and Sally Squirrell reports on some great places for a walk or hike. And when you get home with a frisse neus (fresh nose), cook up something seasonal and regional–Kim McClure has autumnal fruit and vegetable dishes to warm every heart.

Finally, why not curl up on the sofa with a good movie? Loving Vincent is phenomenal: a ground-breaking animation plotted like a mystery. If you thought you knew Mr van Gogh, think again. Ann Raben describes the film as “a visual feast that does not disappoint.”

Steve Voyce
ACCESS Magazine Editor