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Winter 2018 ‘Think global and act local’

Perhaps it was the long hot summer, or TV programmes and movies such as Blue Planet and A Plastic Ocean, but concerns about climate change, sustainability and plastic pollution seem to be everywhere once more. And rightly so.

The Netherlands is home to many sustainability initiatives and in our Cover Story we show some that feel archetypally Dutch. We look at innovations from an internationally successful yet ecologically-sound agricultural industry, solar roof tiles, innovative plastic removal from oceans, revolutionary feminine care products and a city at the centre of environmental awareness. We also examine how, as individuals, we can make a difference, and the other side of the subject –the Netherlands as a country where citizens took the government to court over the country’s greenhouse gas emission levels.

Elsewhere, Olivia van den Broek-Neri investigates how the food industry is dealing with the imperative matter of food waste, and Tea Gudek Šnajdar discovers how over-tourism is threatening the infrastructure of Amsterdam and causing residents daily frustrations.

The year’s end often means planning changes, and in our Education section, Katarina Gaborova gives several tips on how to do the hardest of things, keeping your New Year resolutions. In Health & Wellbeing, Carolyn van Es-Vines shows that by “minding our own business,” in other words taking care of ourselves and slowing-down, we can take time to listen to what we actually want and improve our connections.

If you’re looking for something to keep you busy during this cold time of year, Anne Pinto-Rodrigues took a tour of some dazzling photography exhibitions in the Netherlands. Or you could stay home by the re, with the highly-recommended memoir, The Time We Thought We Had. Although our reviewer, Cathy Leung, warns to keep the tissues handy.

Steve Voyce
ACCESS Magazine Editor


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