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Winter 2020 – Food Innovation

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Dear ACCESS readers

With different levels of lockdown becoming regular–but difficult–facts of life, not only here in the Netherlands but across the world, perhaps one side-effect may be our changing relationship with food. For some, this might mean less–or no–eating out; while others may have discovered a new-found love of cooking or baking; and many of us have become really close friends with the many food delivery people zipping around our towns and cities.

During the twenty or so years I’ve lived in the Netherlands, there has been an enormous change in the food available in supermarkets and restaurants. This has become even more apparent in the last few years, with the growth and expanse of plant-based alternatives and ethically-sourced ingredients, and not just in the cities. For a country perhaps previously synonymous with a dairy- and meat-based diet, these changes are nothing short of remarkable. In this issue, Tracey Taylor’s excellent Cover Story looks at many innovations in food in the Netherlands.

We also travel around the country looking for vegan treats, review a food-based podcast, and look at how nutrition can affect our wellbeing. But we couldn’t help ourselves when it comes to delicious Dutch street food. Often perfect for a chilly day. It is all about balance, after all.

Elsewhere in this issue Daphne Vlachojannis spoke to the managing director of the Nederlands Dans Theater about how they are responding to the issues arising from the pandemic, and we investigate retraining as an adult, and international family networks in the Netherlands.

Winter tends to be a season for enjoying more heartening food–dishes to keep the cold at bay and to warm and comfort us. But that doesn’t mean some of those dishes can’t be inspiring, conscientious and perhaps even innovative.

For now, from everyone involved in the ACCESS magazine, we wish you Season’s Greetings and a safe and healthy 2021.

Steve Voyce

ACCESS Magazine Editor