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Summer 2018 ‘Dutch castles & Gardens’

Letter from the Editorial Team

Collaboration is a way of life at ACCESS, and this issue has witnessed it at the editorial level. Expertly planned by Mandie van der Meer, assisted by Nancy Kroonenberg and Kelly Merks through the editorial phases, supported by our Funding and Advertising teams, and coordinated by Deborah Valentine, we can happily say this group effort has worked in the preparation of our summer issue.

Join us as Alice Burke takes us through stunning castles and gardens in the Netherlands; where Joshua Parfitt introduces us to the Dutch hofjes and Anuja leads us through an exhibit on Knights and Castles. Maybe you would like to give our ‘royal recipe’ a chance and, share your experiences with us?

We are introduced to international podcasts and radio programmes by Tracey Taylor; teachers at international schools by Olivia van den Broek, and discover with Molly Quell just how creative the Dutch can be when re-purposing churches.

We are though, all part of the expatriate experience, the ups, downs and in betweens. So, to support us all, Deborah Valentine talks to a therapist about the value of Emotional Focussed Therapy for expat couples, and Ute Limacher-Riebold has reviewed a unique book with a lot of resources for us to consider, as parents, leaders, entrepreneurs and more.

Oh, and did you see our new website – We are so happy it is finally launched, and welcome your thoughts about it.

With appreciation for all the teams at ACCESS!


The Editorial Team