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Summer 2020 – In This TOGETHER

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In this together

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Join the clubs

18 Education
Schools rediscovering themselves during lockdown

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Voorlinden Museum

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I love summer food berry much

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Happy Motoring

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Positive parenting

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The Rider

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The North Sea islands

Dear ACCESS readers

Here at ACCESS Magazine we plan our issues in advance, and when our team was looking at the amazing sporting events scheduled for summer 2020 in the Netherlands, we decided to dedicate our summer issue to ‘sport.’

Throughout spring, as Covid-19 went from curiosity, to headline news, to a pandemic affecting every one of us, the theme of our summer issue was overtaken and it was obvious that the large-scale events we were going to feature would be cancelled or postponed.

While a bump in the road for our magazine planning, it pales into insignificance compared to the catastrophic impact this virus has had worldwide. Those of us not affected directly by the illness are undoubtedly getting used to a different ‘normal’–socially-distanced; most likely working at home; perhaps schooling our children ourselves; probably separated from family and friends. As we become familiar with seeing friends and relatives who we would have once hugged now in the rectangle of a computer screen, and people wearing gloves and masks in the bus or supermarket, it is understandably an anxious time.

Hannah Behrens spoke to Katarina Gaborova, a psychologist working with many internationals through the ACCESS Counselling Network (CSN), about maintaining our mental health and wellbeing during these unprecedented times. The Cover Story is must-read: interesting and informative and a reminder that we are not alone.

For our Education article, Jacqueline Pemberton spoke to education professionals about their challenges during the pandemic. While many students have benefited from online learning, Jacqueline writes that a school is a social community which we perhaps previously took for granted.

Elsewhere in this issue, an easing in restrictions means we can plan for summer trips to the Voorlinden Museum or one of the Dutch North Sea islands. We also look at parenting a child with ADHD, Dutch driving regulations, children’s sports activities in the Netherlands, and one of the greatest sports books ever written (it’s Dutch and about cycling).

For now, from all of us at ACCESS, we wish you good health.

Steve Voyce
ACCESS Magazine Editor