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Current – Summer 2019

A place called home


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Anne Frank’s Diary – The Graphic Adaptation
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Finding a home
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A place to renew
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Oerol – a festival at the heart of nature
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No-churn coffee ice cream
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Utrecht, a kid’s paradise

Dear ACCESS readers,

Finding somewhere to live is stressful.

For internationals in the Netherlands looking for accommodation, as a new arrival or having lived here for a while, we might need to get used to different ways of doing things, different regulations, new neighbourhoods, and all, potentially, in a new language. Luckily ACCESS has years of experience helping internationals with questions about accommodation.

In this issue, Anuja Tipnis-Randive investigated the regulations around finding somewhere to rent or buy in the Netherlands, and also looked at what to expect if you ever find yourself as a landlord. After living here for over twenty years I must admit that while aware of Dutch social housing, I wasn’t too clear about how it worked. So Molly Quell’s excellent Dutch Lifestyle article about social housing proved insightful and informative.

In a densely-populated country like the Netherlands, space-saving is a part of life, as anyone who has lived in an apartment here will testify. Therefore the Tiny House movement feels like a natural fit for the Netherlands. For our Cover Story, Hannah Behrens spoke to two inspirational and creative couples who have taken pared-down living to heart and built remarkable, smaller homes.

Our Health and Wellbeing article looks at how positively transforming your home environment can help your mood and wellbeing. Elsewhere our foodie, Magdalini Zografou, has a recipe for simple (and slightly boozy) coffee ice cream.

In our Review section, Tracey Taylor writes “Anne Frank’s story is world famous, and for those living in the Netherlands perhaps takes on more poignant sentiments,” and reports that the creators of a new version of Anne’s diary have managed to retain this importance while creating something interestingly unique.

After a chilly spring, I’m sure we’re all hoping for a gorgeous summer. With a focus on warmer days, and the school holidays, we look at things to do in Utrecht with kids, and a great way to spend a few summer days: Oerol, a fantastic arts festival that takes over a beautiful Dutch island. And finally, Huw Hughes discovers that it is never too late to learn to swim.

Steve Voyce
ACCESS Magazine Editor