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Spring 2020 – Liberation and Freedom

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A time to look back and look forward

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Invictus Games

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Freedom museum

22 Health & Wellbeing
The art of not giving up

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The Analogues

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All the right springredients

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Remembering and celebrating

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The Resistance Banker

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Walking the past

Dear ACCESS readers

At home, above my desk, is a photograph of my grandparents taken on their wedding day during World War Two. While my grandfather looks proud in his naval uniform, most striking to me is how young they look. My grandad looks hardly older than my own college-age son. They were getting married as my grandad was, literally, shipping out the following day. Like thousands of others, no one knew when, or if, he would return. Luckily he made it home.

This Spring marks the 75th anniversary of the final liberation of the Netherlands, and while we find ourselves surrounded by reminders of wartime, and celebrations of freedom, it is perhaps impossible to imagine what it was like to live through those terrible times. In this issue we’ve looked at different ways to learn about the wartime experience, and at events taking place across the country to commemorate the Liberation and celebrate freedom.

Growing up in the UK, my grandparents’ generation had their own memories and scars from the war, but here in the Netherlands there is a different legacy. In her moving Cover Story, Hannah Behrens looks at two major events from the German occupation, and the resonance they still have. It’s a fascinating read.

For those seeking an immersive experience, we couldn’t recommend more highly the Freedom Museum, in the eastern Netherlands near the German border. It is an interesting and inspiring place to visit. For those with slightly more energy, Lorne Holyoak looks at marking the Liberation by following hiking routes mapped by Liberation Route Europe.

If you’d prefer to do your Liberation homework on the sofa, Giulia Quaresima reviews The Resistance Banker, a fantastic movie about a Dutch World War Two hero who was virtually unknown until relatively recently.

Away from the celebrations, why not try some of Kim McClure’s delicious ideas for locally-sourced, spring ingredients, or book a ticket (if you can) for one of the amazing–possibly–final shows by The Analogues?

In our Health and Wellbeing section, psychologist Katarina Gaborova looks at even when we feel at our darkest, we must remember that things can change–we can get through this–if we trust the future. We may stumble but not give up. Seems appropriate.

Finally, Kim van der Velden writes about the Invictus Games coming to The Hague in May. It is an inspirational event, and also a good link between this issue’s articles about Liberation and our summer issue’s sport theme. Check out the next ACCESS magazine, available in June.

Steve Voyce
ACCESS Magazine Editor