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Current – Winter 2019

Fashion revolution


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For a country not necessarily famous for fashion, the Netherlands is emerging as a world-leader, particularly when it comes to innovation in all things clothing and textile.

Molly Quell’s fascinating Cover Story looks at how the Dutch fashion industry is breaking new ground, and how it is viewed internationally. Most importantly, Molly looks at how the industry is making itself more sustainable and tackling the enormous amounts of waste and pollution that fashion, and in particular fast fashion, causes. Fashion innovation and sustainability can go hand-in-hand, and the Netherlands is leading the way.

Visitors to Amsterdam’s Fashion for Good Experience can see sustainability innovations first-hand. At the Experience’s core is a business platform for the brightest start-ups driving innovation in sustainability, circularity and transparency. The museum is close to reviewer Huw Hughes’ heart and is a must-visit for everyone, not only fashion people.

Lorne Holyoak took a trip to Tilburg’s TextielMuseum and reports, “if you think that a textile museum would be endless bolts of cloth displayed in low light conditions, think again.” Elsewhere, Allison Hamilton-Rohe explains how one thing all of us do (most) days, getting dressed, can really improve how we feel.

Sophia Zürcher writes that one hundred years ago Flevoland was beneath the sea, but now is the Netherlands’ newest province and home to some astounding pieces of Land Art. Winter is as good a season as any to visit these amazing monuments, and if you need warming-up afterwards, Tracey Taylor has some traditionally Dutch, purpose-built, comfort dishes. Also, warm your heart this winter with Anuja Tipnis-Randive’s article about a search for family roots–a jaw-dropping story that I’m sure will inspire many genealogical investigations.

Finally, if you’re looking for something engaging to read by the fire, acquaint yourself with The Penguin Book of Dutch Short Stories, reviewed by Giulia Quaresima. The collection sounds intriguing, fascinating, extremely readable, and a great starting point into Dutch literature.

For now, I wish you Season’s Greetings from all of us involved in the ACCESS magazine.

Steve Voyce
ACCESS Magazine Editor