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Living with COVID-19

Due to Covid-19, my contract has been cancelled and now I am unemployed. Am I eligible to claim [unemployment] benefits?

I’m leaving the Netherlands and I cannot visit the town hall in person. How do I de-register during the Covid-19 pandemic?

I received a letter to collect my updated residence card. I went to the office and it was closed. How can I collect the residence card during the Covid-19 pandemic?

I have recently moved to the Netherlands and I don't have a BSN number. Is it possible to have health insurance without a BSN number?

At this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, I would like to help in any way possible. Are there any volunteering opportunities?

There are volunteering possibilities even during the Covid-19 limitations and restrictions. It is best to look on the Internet and social media, in particular for initiatives in one’s own area and neighbourhood.

Some organisations, like the Red Cross, are looking for volunteers. Existing and new volunteer platforms offer information where volunteers are needed and ideas about how to offer help. Most of the websites listed below are in Dutch.


The Red Cross needs volunteers in times of Covid-19.  You should check in your region whether you can volunteer as an English speaker. In The Hague region, with its large community of internationals, English and other non-Dutch speakers are welcome. The volunteers can spread information about Covid-19, help people in quarantine and perform other tasks.

Those who would like to volunteer at the Red Cross can register at or send an email in English to: Ready2Help@redcross.

Extra handen voor zorg connects former health professionals with organisations in need:

NL voor elkaar, the biggest Dutch volunteer platform, has a ‘hulp’ initiative:

Coronahelpers provides information about Covid-19 help by province. It enables matching those who are willing to help with those needing help. You can fill in the form to offer your services in the city of your choice:

Gewoon mensen die mensen willen helpen is a smaller platform for volunteering opportunities close to home (by postcode). Those who need help and those offering help come together through posts on the platform:

Vereniging Nederlandse Organisaties Vrijwilligerswerk (The Dutch Association of Volunteer Organisations) oversees all voluntary work in the country. It has an overview of all regional volunteer centres (vrijwilligerscentrale) in the Netherlands. enables searches for volunteering by region and on nationwide websites:

The Amsterdam Volunteer Centre has Covid-19 help information:

Handjehelpen: (for The Hague)

Volunteer The Hague:

For general information on volunteering in The Netherlands:

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