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How can I find out which neighbourhood is best for me and/or my family?

You will always get a better insight by asking advice from your colleagues or friends living in the Netherlands. However here you have some tips that may be useful to find what neighbourhood suits best your needs:

  • Make a list of what your requirements for a neighbourhood are (e.g. close to your children’s school, shops nearby, in the city or in a village)
  • Visit the neighbourhoods to get a feel for the area
  • Using Google Maps, you can also explore any area. It shows schools, supermarkets and all the shops around. It is possible to have an idea of how the place looks
  • Finally you can also ask advice from your relocation agent or estate agent. This will be most useful when they are specialised in looking for housing for expats

Another handy tool is the demographic map offered by (in Dutch only). Based on demographic data from the CBS – Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (national statistics bureau in the Netherlands) by zip codes, you can select to show population by age, type of family (without kids, single parents, family with kids), gender and household income.

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