Finding a job in the Netherlands

I will be relocating to the Netherlands or I am new to the Netherlands and have yet to find work. I don’t speak Dutch and would be happy to receive any advice from you with regards to employment possibilities and opportunities in the Netherlands.

What kind of CV and cover letter is customary to support job applications in the Netherlands?

What steps should I take to prepare myself for my interview?

How can I find an internship?

Will I be paid during my internship?

Dutch employers are not legally obliged to pay you for your internship, though many give some kind of compensation, such as travel expenses. Others may be more generous and pay you a small amount. Depending on your educational background and the company’s own policies, you might get something between 180 and 450 euros a month. Be aware that you still have to pay taxes on anything you earn from an internship.

Where can I find information about international jobs in the Netherlands?

Can I get some support and advice in looking for a job in the Netherlands?

Where can I find job openings for students?