Finding a job in the Netherlands

I will be relocating to the Netherlands or I am new to the Netherlands and have yet to find work. I don’t speak Dutch and would be happy to receive any advice from you with regards to employment possibilities and opportunities in the Netherlands.

Where can I find information about international jobs in the Netherlands?

Will I be paid during my internship?

What kind of CV and cover letter is customary to support job applications in the Netherlands?

What steps should I take to prepare myself for my interview?

Where can I find job openings for students?

How can I find an internship?

If you are looking for an internship many Universities have a database of internship options.


Study In Holland: will point out to you what to pay attention to when contemplating looking for internships in the Netherlands as part of your study programme.

The following links are a selection of websites offering internships in the Netherlands:

  • : click on “ik zoek een stageplek” and write “English” in the ‘ zoekfilter’ to the right
  • : you can type ” English” in “trefwoord”/ Keyword box.

Please note that if you decide to accept a paid internship and currently have a student health insurance, you must take out a new, ordinary Dutch health insurance.”

What is the difference between an internship and a traineeship?