Stephanie Baumgarten-Kustner practice location: Voorburg

Nationality: American, but have now lived in the Netherlands longer than in the USA

Insurance: no contracts with insurance companies

NIP: 200750

BIG: in progress (see child and youth psychologist NIP)

ACCESS start date: December 2023


  • NIP & APA psychologist
  • Child and Youth Psychologist NIP (in process)
  • SKJ

Practice Description

“I am Stephanie Baumgarten-Kustner, a psychologist and educator with a journey that weaves through the academic landscapes of the University of Oregon, London University, and the University of Leiden. My diverse background has fueled a passion for understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by international children, adolescents and families. My professional journey encompasses clinical day-treatment settings, outpatient mental health facilities, and collaborative ventures with both the Dutch special educational system and international schools.

In recognizing the need for quality psychological support within multicultural and multilingual communities of The Netherlands, I’ve established a freelance practice committed to flexibility and convenience. Sessions extend beyond traditional hours, into weekends, and across various locations, ensuring accessibility for all. As a mother of three multilingual/multicultural adult children, I understand the complexities of raising children in diverse linguistic and cultural environments, infusing my practice with both personal insight and academic expertise.

My specialization encompasses a spectrum of evidence-based therapeutic approaches. From emotion regulation training for adolescents (ERT) to rational emotive therapy (RET), short, solution-oriented (psycho)therapy with children and adolescents, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy for children and adolescents (DBT), – I tailor my services to meet the diverse needs of the client. Addressing gender dysphoria in educational settings, supporting immigrants with psychiatric problems, and championing discrimination and inclusion are integral facets of my practice. I bring not only a wealth of experience but also a heartfelt dedication to nurturing well-being within diverse communities.”

Languages used for counseling work

English and Dutch

You can learn more about Stephanie Baumgarten-Kustner by visiting her website:


Stephanie is part of our Counsellors on Call team.