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Performance & Wellbeing Coach

Optimal Performance & Wellbeing Coach

Aleksandra Rutkowska is an Optimal Performance and Wellbeing Coach.

“During my relocation to the Netherlands in 2018, I quickly learnt that moving to a new country as an expatriate can be an exciting and rewarding experience, and it also comes with several challenges. In my case, relocation impacted my husband’s career and required my two sons to adapt to a new country with a language they could not understand. What I learnt from this experience is that it is important to have someone I can trust and share my challenges with so that I feel supported and not alone.

Hi, my name is Aleks. I am a certified Mental Trainer and Executive Coach working with senior leaders from more than 35 countries, including those located in the least developed African regions. I leverage scientifically backed techniques used in sports and business to help expatriates like yourself transition through change more effectively, strengthen confidence, resilience, and nurture wellbeing. I advocate for Mental Health and Diversity and Inclusion.


4 key values I care deeply about:

Commitment – Unconventional and Accessible Solutions – Partnership – Integrity


5 key areas I can help you with:


Some highlights about me:

• 4 countries lived and worked in: Poland, US, UK and the Netherlands;
• Nearly 2 decades of working in local, regional and global Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness roles in matrix organisations across multiple industries;
• Hold a post-graduate diploma in Leadership Psychology and Human Resources Management;
• A member of the Mental Trainer Supervision programme to keep upskilling myself and to stay up to date with new scientific findings.

As a sports practitioner I maintain mental fitness and wellbeing by outdoor running, fit walking, practising mindfulness and the ice bath/cold shower.

Feel free to email me to to schedule a free discovery call”.


English and Polish

You can learn more about Aleksandra by visiting her website or social media profiles:




Aleksandra is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks