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Behavioral Change Coach

Rawia Liverpool

Rawia works with people who are going through a big life-changing situation, or who feel stuck, anxious, afraid or overwhelmed. She also supports those who lack assertion, self-esteem and self-confidence or those having communication and relationship issues. Rawia supports her clients to gain awareness of the patterns from their life experiences that are impacting their current situations. This awareness is key for enabling positive change.

Rawia is a certified Transactional Analysis counsellor and an NLP Master Practitioner. She is based in The Hague. She offers individual consultations online and in-person in English. She also speaks Arabic and Dutch.

Being mixed race, and someone who has dealt with and overcome experiences of racism and discrimination, Rawia is well-equipped to support others who experience similar challenges.

She is passionate about supporting people in overcoming obstacles that they perceive to be holding them back, so that they can live to the best of their potential and lead a happy and fulfilled life.

You can learn more about Rawia by visiting her website (link above) or social media profiles: