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Katrina Verweij Antezana Juarez MSc

Katrina Verweij  Practice Location: Den Haag

Nationality: Dutch/Bolivian

Insurance: n/a

NIP: Yes (237759)

BIG: n/a

ACCESS start date: August 2022


  • MSc in Psychology (Clinical Psychology)
  • Specialization in Systemic therapy

Practice description

Professional experience as counselor, psychologist and therapist for more than 20 years and 15 as an expat in different countries. Helping the expat community: adults, families and couples to face and process a difficult time in their life (depression, trauma, mourning, big changes in life, among others) with roots on the current situation or in the past.

Notable expertise in relational therapy with cross-cultural couples, in work related problematic (burnout, bullying) and in stress management. Helping the client to be successful in keeping a balanced life under work and private challenging conditions.

The process starts with a tailored treatment for the client. It will put into practice various approaches such as psychodynamic psychology, gestalt therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and systemic therapy. Versatile tools like narrative, art, drama and EMDR puts the client in movement to work on their own process of becoming stronger and skilled for a self management successful life.

Languages used for counseling work

English, Spanish, Dutch and French

You can learn more about Katrina Verweij by visiting her website:

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Katrina is part of our Counsellors on Call team.