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Regan Educational Coaching

Jonathon Regan

Jonathon is an ICF certified coach with 20+ years of international experience in education, leadership, innovation, training and consultancy. His mission is to support individuals and teams willing to innovate to overcome obstacles and optimise their performance for their organisations, teams, families and themselves.

He believes that in 2022, there is an unprecedented opportunity to reflect on the silver linings we found in crisis. Partnering with a professional coach is the most efficient route to success. He will help you uncover hidden values and skills you can leverage to solve problems, make better decisions and build more sustainable solutions.

Using a coaching model that draws on design thinking, Jonathon provides a space of calm and trust for all lifelong learners to explore thoughts and ideas that will result in action to keep you agile and resilient in future uncertainty.

If you are interested in discovering your post-pandemic superpowers, reach out by email, connect on Linkedin or read more here.