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Colleen Reichrath is a Career Consultant.  “As a Career Consultant I teach you how to navigate your professional path in a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate and providing both unprecedented opportunity along with new challenges for how to find your way forward. A trained international Career Consultant, certified as a Holistic Narrative Career Professional (HCNP) and co-author of the book A Career in Your Suitcase, I took my career on an international adventure from Canada to the Netherlands in 2005, successfully using my 8 years of experience in career development in my own transition. I love to help people find what’s next for their career.

Let me show you how to create and find your next career opportunity in today’s ever-changing world. I support you to re-member your story, to find your resonant voice and clarify your direction. I teach you to intentionally navigate your way through your transitions whether they are across occupational boundaries, international borders or through organizational and economic shifts, creating your unique, personally meaningful path. This wonderful world is changing and work is evolving right alongside it. Find your direction and create your place in it, making the world a better place at the same time.

In addition to 1:1 coaching via Zoom, I also provide interactive workshops like Active Career Navigation designed to teach career development skills to people who are transitioning from school to work, from work to work, and from one location to another. I engage the power of the group process in my career development workshops.

The newest additions to my services are:
– guiding COACHING HIKES in the Dutch hill country of south Limburg, providing experiences that will support your career journey
– supporting people to find their voice and use it to DARE TO CARE, a teambuilding and communication workshop from Syntropic World –
– RETIRE TO THE LIFE YOU LOVE workshop, using the book of the same name by Nell Smith

I would love to connect with you and explore how I can support your journey in a discovery call. I can be reached through LinkedIn at and via”


English and Dutch

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Colleen is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.