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Autism Career Coach and Consultant

Autism Career Coach and Consultant 

Kelly Lynn is an Autism Career Coach and Consultant. Throughout her career Kelly has advocated, taught, coached, and mentored children, teens, and adults on the autistic spectrum. During Kelly’s 18-year career as a teacher, therapist, mentor, and coach, she worked with hundreds of individuals throughout 13 countries, including Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia, and China.

In the past, Kelly started her own consulting business in The Netherlands and in Belgium and ran it successfully for 6,5 years where she worked with autistic children and teens.  She also opened a special needs preschool in Saudi Arabia, where she designed the classroom, chose the resources, screened potential students, assessed their needs, and designed individualized programs for each student.

Kelly has an entrepreneurial mindset, which sets her apart from others in her field. She works ‘with’ individuals on the spectrum, and values everyone’s input, communication style and the way others experience their environment.

She has created and presented training to staff globally and has a very unique perspective and highly attuned problem-solving skills.  Kelly’s formal education includes completing an MEd in Special Education (children with autism) from the University of Birmingham (UK), as well as a PgDip in Analysis and Intervention in Learning Disabilities from the University of Kent (UK).

She has recently set up a consulting company as a Career Coach where she works with autistic children (and their parents), teens and adults throughout every phase of their school, higher educational pursuits, and job search.

For adults, she can assist in analysis of job descriptions, interviewing, onboarding, and navigating the workplace. Kelly also works alongside students of all ages to support them during their educational pursuits and consults with educational institutions and companies in their hiring practices.

You can learn more about Kelly by visiting her website or social media profiles:

Website:  www.logikevolutioncom



Kelly is member of ACCESS Supportive Networks.