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Angelika Matthias, M.A.

Practice Location: The Hague

Nationality: German

Language skills: German and English

Insurance: International Insurance only

NIP: yes

BIG: n/a

ACCESS start date: October 2020


M.A. Counselling Psychology (US), Psycholoog NIP, Supervisor ICEEF (Canada), EFT (Germany)

Practice Description

I offer psychotherapy for individual and couples. My approach is person-centered, existential humanistic and experiential. I am a certified Emotional Focused Therapist for individuals and couples. On top of that I followed mindfulness trainings, which I integrate into my sessions. I see my role of your therapist as a process consultant- as someone who walks with my clients through their painful experience and together, we explore new ways of dealing with their own experiences. An emotional coherent sense of self helps you face the challenges of life with more energy. It is our goal to get your emotional balance back (as a couple or an individual) and above all and make more room for you to learn and grow.

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