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Spring/Summer 2021 – Why Dutch design matters

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De Stijl Movement

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Locked down alone

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Dutch design potential

Dear ACCESS readers,

What a year!


Looking back over our last four magazine issues, it’s clear to see, in retrospect, the gradual dawning of a ‘new normal’ into the curious world we find ourselves in. Without argument, the last year has been devastating to many, but what has been remarkable is the way we have adapted in our everyday lives. For an organisation such as ACCESS, where our working methods were based mostly on personal interactions, the changes have been great and challenging. That we have changed is a testament to all of us, here at ACCESS and in the world beyond. It may not be the normal we would prefer, but we are all making the most of what we have.


In many ways, the Netherlands has a history of making the most of what it has. A smallish country on the outer edge of the continent, the Dutch have always had to find innovative ways with limited resources and challenging conditions. This may be why the country is world-renowned in the field of design.


Jacqueline Pemberton spoke to some leading lights in the Dutch design industry, and her fascinating article is a great introduction to the way that design developed here, and how it affects our daily lives. The Netherlands focuses on the future of design too, and Hannah Behrens talked to students from the world-leading Design Academy in Eindhoven about their educational experiences and plans for the future. We also look at one place where modern Dutch design began, De Stijl movement of the mid-twentieth century. Lynette Croxford’s article is a good place to start on any journey into Dutch design. Speaking of journeys, Lynette also went on one with her photographer husband, looking at buildings in two local cities. Unsurprisingly, Dutch architecture is ground-breaking too.

Some internationals have found themselves away from their home country for the first time, alone and working from a new home amid a pandemic. Our Health & Wellbeing article features two young, recently-arrived internationals who found themselves in a new situation –figuring out a new job and country–whilst stuck in their new homes. Hopefully, we also give some useful tips on how to improve similar situations.


Steve Voyce
ACCESS Magazine Editor