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Autumn 2021 – Get fit and healthy outside

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35th Anniversary

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A healthy mind in a healthy body

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Men and mental health

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De Marathon

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Lekker Nederland

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Healthy is the best (out)fit

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Strong school sports

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Dear ACCESS readers,

The new normal. We’ve all become used to such terminology over the last year or so. As the tide of pandemic restrictions drifts forward and backwards, I’m sure we have all changed our lifestyles in ways that may never go back to how they were before.

In this issue, we look at the different changes many have made in the ways we keep fit, physically and mentally, during this new normal. Kim van der Velden’s excellent Cover Story looks at how personal fitness has developed historically and ways it has changed more recently. She spoke to two people involved in health and fitness and gained some fascinating personal insights.

Psychologist Katarina Gaborova writes, “most likely as you are reading this, a man near to you will be struggling alone with his mental health”. While generally men seem to be paying more attention to their mental health, as Katarina’s insightful article says there is still a lot of work to be done. Not least in the way that men–and those around them–historically, culturally and lately have dealt with expressing their feelings. Society will be a much better place for us all when all men feel open enough to let others enter their emotional worlds.

Elsewhere in this issue, Lynette and Richard Croxford visited Zwolle and Richard’s brilliant photos make it look like a great place to visit–as do Lynette’s words. And as summer fades into autumn, what better time to try some of the regional dishes from around the Netherlands in our Food article? Or spend some time on the sofa catching up on a movie? Giulia Quaresima watched De Marathon, a Dutch movie about four out-of-shape guys who decide to run a marathon, and she cannot recommend it more highly.

Over a year of lockdown, restrictions and isolation have quite rightly brought to the forefront a focus on mental health. Here at ACCESS we pride ourselves that we have always treated mental health seriously–in fact it was the reason why ACCESS was founded 35 years ago. Read Olivia van den Broek-Neri’s Family article to see that while many things have changed during that time, our fundamental principles remain the same.



Steve Voyce
ACCESS Magazine Editor