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Winter 2021 – How water made the Netherlands

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8 Cover Story
That sinking feeling

15 International Community
Taking care of your own business

18 Arts & Entertainment
Bowled over by art

23 Travel
The Hague’s fascinating histories

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28 Review
The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi

31 Dutch Lifestyle
An Oranje Tree

35 Health & Wellbeing
Everybody hurts

41 Food
Winter sun

43 Education
We’re all history

Dear ACCESS readers,

Whether in the architecture of Amsterdam and The Hague, Rotterdam’s modernist post-war buildings, the winding medieval streets of smaller cities and towns, or when travelling past the huge, flat, prehistoric landscapes, the Netherlands feels steeped in history. Buthow much do we know about the actual history of this place we choose to call home? And how does it affect life today?

Our Cover Story is written by Joe Wegecsanyi and Julian Smith, currently undertaking the daunting task of relating the full history of this swampy, but fertile, land in enlightening podcast episodes. Joe and Julian approached our Cover Story as they do their humorously-delivered, smart, brilliantly researched and written podcasts. Their article traces how man’s struggle with taming water has shaped this area of north-western Europe up to this day. It’s an excellent article and a great entry point into Dutch history.

Elsewhere in this issue, we look at the modern Dutch royal family–Sandra Silva finds out their contemporary history, and how many Willems there were. We also ask how Dutch history is taught in secondary schools here–is it different in Dutch and international schools? And what is the Dutch Historical Canon?

If you’re looking for things to do during the winter months, you couldn’t do better than take a trip to Rotterdam to see the shiny new Depot, home for a museum’s collection. The building is pretty impressive–and is proving a little controversial. Or if you find yourself in The Hague, why not take a step away from the main tourist spots? In our Travel section, Lynette and Richard Croxford have combined writing and photography to reveal some lesser-known, fascinating slices of history worth investigating. For those who like their history in book-form, we also review an absolute classic that fictionalises a darker moment of Dutch history. It’s worth a read.

Counselling has always been at the core of ACCESS. In our Health & Wellbeing article Jacqueline Pemberton spoke to some counsellors and people who have received counselling about finding good mental healthcare in the Netherlands as an international. It’s a really informative article and one we are particularly proud of.

Season’s greetings from all at ACCESS!

Steve Voyce
ACCESS Magazine Editor