Paintbar Introduces Creative Events in English

25 Aug 2017 | Marleen Mudde of Paintbar

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Share the joy of painting with expats!

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You might have heard of the concept of Paintbar. Hugely popular in the States, Canada and now in the Netherlands as well. A Paintbar event is a fun night out. Guests are invited to create their own painting whilst enjoying a good glass of wine. They pick their painting of choice by buying tickets online.


Professional Paintbar Artists guide the participants step-by-step in the process of creating their own piece of art. Because of those step-by-step instructions, no special creative talents or experience is required. The painting parties are great for hanging out with friends or for meeting new people. In addition to regular events that can be found on the online calendar, it’s possible to book corporate events.


Paintbar Nederland launched two years ago. Nowadays Paintbar can be found in local bars and restaurants throughout the country. Many locals love the concept. Participants never leave the event without a huge smile on their face! Up until now, events were in Dutch only. But as more and more expats found their way to Paintbar, they felt like there was a need for events in English. That’s why Paintbar introduces special English Only events this fall.


Interested? Just feel free to come alone, or invite your friends! More information and tickets for English only events can be found on

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