The Netherlands ranks 3rd on the 2017 Global Innovation Index

25 Aug 2017 | Genoveva Geppaart

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The Global Innovation Index (GII) is published annually. The core of the report is a ranking of the innovation activity in around 130 countries. There are 81 indicators that explore political environment, education, infrastructure and business sophistication. In addition to these annual figures, the special theme for 2017 is Innovation Feeding the World. It looks at innovation in agriculture and food systems.


How the annual figures in the GII are calculated

The annual figures for the GII for 2017 are calculated as the average of 2 sub-indices: the Innovation Input Sub-Index and the Innovation Output Sub-Index.

The Innovation Input Sub-Index measures elements of the national economy that indicate innovative activities. It is divided into five categories:

  1. Institutions (e.g. political environment, regulatory environment, business environment)

  2. Human capital and research (e.g. education, research and development)

  3. Infrastructure  (e.g. ICT, electricity, ecological sustainability)

  4. Market sophistication (e.g. credit, investment, trade, competition, market scale)

  5. Business sophistication (e.g. knowledge workers, collaboration between universities and industry, intellectual property payments, import of ICT services, research talent in businesses)

The Innovation Output Sub-Index (in the annual figures) shows evidence of innovation and is divided into 2 categories:

  1. Knowledge and technology output (e.g. knowledge creation, new businesses, spending on software)

  2. Creative output (e.g. video uploads on YouTube, Wikipedia edits, intangible benefits, media and entertainment market)

The Netherlands ranks 3rd

From the 2017 edition of GII,  it appears that the Netherlands is the 3rd innovative economy in the world. Only Switzerland and Sweden rank better. On the subject business sophistication, the Netherlands is even the best of the world. For market sophistication and knowledge & technology the Netherlands ranks 2nd. In each of the seven categories, the Netherlands is in the top 18. The US ranks 4th and the UK 5th.


You can download the full report on .  The section about the Netherlands can be found on page 266.

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