Mindfulness is giving expatriates more resilience

14 Oct 2016 | Marieke Hoekstra - BLOOM

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One study after the other is published on how mindfulness can help us live better, be happier, more creative, efficient and be less stressed. BLOOM - House of Health in The Hague is now offering Mindfulness courses in English - teaching expatriates new ways of coping with life´s adversities.

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Family stress is considered the primary reason for unsuccessful expatriations. The working family member is often under a lot of stress trying to do his or her best in a new posting in a foreign culture. The accompanying spouse faces other challenges: loneliness, feeling a lack of identity and purpose, maybe giving up a carrier and independence. In fact, depression amongst expat spouses is very common - although it is rarely discussed openly.


Choosing where to focus your attention / Focus on the moment

These challenges are part of the expat-life. Life is unpredictable, uncontrollable and forever changing. We instinctively try to "fix" the unpleasant parts of our life and get rid of the painful emotions. But this resistance often makes us suffer even more. Have you for instance ever found yourself looking for faults in your life as it is today and conjuring up alternative lives where you would be ever so much happier? Or spend late nights worrying and trying to solve a problem that might never arise. 

Mindfulness is the art of consciously choosing what to focus your attention on. As you train your brain to spend less time worrying or ruminating, it opens up space - space to start noticing all the good things in life. 


You can´t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf*

Difficult feelings are like quicksand. The more we struggle, the faster we get sucked under. The way to survive is to lie back, spread out your arms, and float on the surface. It’s not easy, because every instinct tells us to struggle. Instead of fighting the difficulties in life, being mindful opens our eyes to an awareness that allows us to respond in more appropriate ways. 


Mindfulness Training at BLOOM

Just like with muscle-strength, mindfulness-training physically changes you brain by laying new neurological pathways. It takes time and effort. The gold standard for mindfulness programs; the intensive 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) it therefore recommended. It has been scientifically proven for over 20 years and is taught worldwide. BLOOM – House of Health offers it in English by the accredited MBSR teacher Berit Lewis. Being a busy person it might be that you don't have time for the full 8 weeks official MBSR-course or you first would like to taste from Mindfulness before committing. At BLOOM we understand this completely. We offer a variety of ways to train your mind to become less full and more mindful. Visit the taster evening on November the 17th or choose the 4-weeks course. Do you prefer a more personal approach? We also offer private mindfulness coaching.


If you would like to hear more, please join the "Taste of Mindfulness" on November 17 or contact us for personal advice.


*: Quote by Jon Kabatt-Zinn



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